DELFT, 14-12-2023 —SoundCell proudly announces it has been awarded the esteemed European Innovation Council Transition Grant of 2.5 million euros. This transformative funding is poised to be propel the company’s pioneering work in developing graphene devices for antimicrobial resistance tests.

Under the project name “Be-FAST” (Bacterial Eavesdropping for Fast Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing), SoundCell is set to embark on a three-year journey that will see the maturation of their revolutionary technology. This funding injection will play a pivotal role in conducting crucial tests within hospital settings, validating the efficacy of the graphene devices, and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of healthcare.

The grant comes at a strategic juncture for SoundCell, allowing them to expedite the development of cutting-edge solutions aimed at addressing the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance. The Be-FAST project represents a significant stride towards bringing the technology to everyday practice in healthcare diagnostics and underscores SoundCell’s commitment to pioneering advancements that have a profound impact on patient outcomes by providing fast and reliable antibiotic sensitivity tests.

Expressing gratitude for the support received, founder and CEO Irek Roslon remarked, “We are thrilled to have secured this prestigious grant! It is thanks to the dedication of our team that we can elevate the potential of our graphene devices. This funding will accelerate our development and enable us to place our first machine in hospitals, thus making tangible strides in combatting antimicrobial resistance, a critical issue in global health.”

As SoundCell embarks on this exciting chapter, the company invites stakeholders, partners, and the broader community to stay tuned for the remarkable developments anticipated over the course of the Be-FAST project. Follow us on social media for real-time updates and insights into how we’re reshaping the landscape of health technology.

Abstract: SoundCell is a pioneering force in health technology, dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge innovations to address pressing global health challenges. The Be-FAST project marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards creating impactful and transformative solutions for the benefit of patients worldwide. Within the project, first diagnostic devices will be placed in a medical environment.


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