SoundCell receives 350,000 euros from Uniiq

We are happy to announce that our team received 350,000 euros from Uniiq- finance for future, to[…]

SoundCell Technology in the news

The Spanish newsletter El Mundo has published this great article on SoundCell’s technology (in Spanish). In the[…]

Interview on BNR newsradio (Dutch)

Farbod Alijani has been interviewed by BNW Newsradio. You can listen to the full podcast here, or[…]

SoundCell technologies nominated Best Tech Idea 2022

The editors of EW and KIJK are organizing the election of the Best Tech Idea of 2022.[…]

Listening to bacteria with graphene drumhead

Ever wondered if bacteria make noise? If we could hear bacteria, we could know whether they are[…]

Probing nanomotion of single bacteria with graphene drums

#antibioticresistance is one of the biggest threats the global community is facing, endangering millions of lives. In[…]

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